Explore UFC through the lens of music 

Explore UFC through the lens of music

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Blackway arrives at UFC Ultimate Sound!

Blackway arrives at UFC Ultimate Sound!

Blackway arrives at UFC Ultimate Sound!

Keep your eyes on the prize with “Iron” Michael Chandler

The genres of music that make up the playlist of Michael Chandler are diverse. While Country music makes up a significant portion of the tracks on his playlists, rap/hip-hop is a big part of what gets him into gear for when it comes time to do work. The artist NF...

Feel the raw energy with Beauty School Dropout!

Beauty School Dropout is our newest artist, and they are here to bring emo rock to its knees. These three eccentric Los Angeles rockers have come to break the mold of hard-core emo and mainstream rock with their traditionally tragic vocals and explosive guitar riffs....

Tucker finds inspiration from the traditional music of his homeland

Every UFC Athlete has a genre of music that speaks to them louder than other types, for Gavin Tucker, it's Newfoundland Celtic music that resonates with him the most. Hailing from Ship Cove, Newfoundland, the always exciting Featherweight epitomizes the spirit of the...

Keep that same energy with $avannah Hannah!

$avannah Hannah hails from the Bronx, NY and her origin shines through in her music. At times aggressive, her witty lyrics and confident delivery landed her a feature on Netflix's “Rhythm + Flow”. $avannah Hannah seamlessly floats from drill, to hip-hop, to trap, and...

Blackway arrives at UFC Ultimate Sound!

Blackway arrives at UFC Ultimate Sound!

Music makes or breaks a great workout, but the right playlist can take it to another level!

Ashley Yoder

Music always helps me to get through tough workouts. The power of music, the world of UFC, now in one place!

Eryk Anders

Music has always been my pre-work to all my workouts. The right beat will elevate your training.

Julian Marquez

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