May 4, 2021
Celebrate Loyalty Month with UFC Ultimate Sound and UFC Store

If there was ever a time to do some shopping at the UFC Store, it’s now. Make any purchase at the UFC Store during May and you’ll receive a 3-month free subscription to UFC Ultimate Sound. Get insights into the psyche of UFC athletes through their personally selected mixes, interviews & original content, allowing fans to experience a perspective on UFC athletes like never before. 

There is something for every fan at the UFC Store, from authentic title belts, signed event posters, clothing, apparel, equipment, and much more. Browse the store and its wide array of merchandise for yourself or on behalf of that UFC fan in your life, make a purchase, and reap the reward of a 3-month free subscription to UFC Ultimate Sound.

Just press play for the highest resolution files of UFC athletes’ mixes, commercial-free and professionally curated by professional DJs, musicians and producers. You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the vital role music plays in UFC athlete’s lives through the UFC Ultimate Sound original mini-series “Sound of Preparation”.

Make May the month you do your shopping at the UFC Store, make the mixes from UFC Ultimate Sound a part of everyday life the same way UFC athletes do. 

Only $7.99/month after. Cancel anytime.
Disclaimer: Only new customers located in US are eligible for this offer.

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