Get started with your partnership


To get started we will need imagery, a bio and an introduction video from you.

The content we need

Please share available press photos, preferably a mixture of headshots and full body shots. Some of the images should be in landscape format. Both color images and black & white images are welcome. Please find our image guidelines below:


  • Please share images in jpg format
  • Please share photos in high resolution (minimum 4MB if possible)
  • Please share logos, graphics (patterns, symbols etc.) or any available style guides. Preferably as vector files (eps), alternatively in png format
  • Please share any underlying usage rights /credits we need to be aware of 
Please share your artist bio. The bio will be used as the base for the introduction text for your artist profile, as well as the news article on our homepage. The bio should include information about your artistry, career highlights etc. Please include any connection to UFC and/or sports or your thoughts on your music being connected to UFC/sports. UFC Ultimate Sound will help angle the text to find the correct focus.
Introduction video
The introduction video introduces the artist to UFC Ultimate Sound users. For the introduction video we will need footage of the artist speaking about their artistry as well as any connection to UFC/sports. Any earlier video material that is relevant for inclusion in the introduction video is also most welcome (the material has to be cleared for usage). UFC Ultimate Sound is happy to facilitate the editing when provided with the footage. 

Brand & video guidelines

Brand guidelines
  • Remove or cover all third-party logos on clothes and accessories
  • Remove or cover all third-party brands, logos and IP that may appear in backgrounds
  • No mention of third party brands
  • When referring to UFC athletes please use “athlete(s)” and not “fighter(s)”
  • Be mindful about communication around athletes, don’t speak of athletes in a negative way. As an example don’t refer to athletes getting knocked out, etc.
  • Please keep focus on UFC Ultimate Sound in your post, don’t mention or show other music and media streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music etc.
  • The background should not include other people without consent
  • Please make sure that there isn’t any music being played in the background of the videos (due to legal aspects)
Video guidelines
  • Landscape video 16×9
  • 4K Preferable but 1080p acceptable
  • MOV or MP4 format.
  • Preferably H264 or Apple Pro Res codecs
  • Please use a well-lit space
  • Please avoid busy backgrounds
  • Please consider ambiance noise and avoid places with a lot of background noise
  • Please leave a reasonable amount of headspace within the frame
  • Please avoid shaky footage and rest the recording on a stable surface such as a tripod or a table when possible
  • When speaking directly to the camera try to have the recording device near eye level
  • Please avoid strong light contrast in the image (Example: filming on a very sunny day under a shadow)
  • Cameras: Sony a7siii or Sony a7riii (s-log)
  • Lenses: 50mm / 16-35mm (or similar)
  • HVAC codec (straight from the camera)
  • 24 fps (interview and general footage)
  • 60 fps (B-roll footage, please no more than 10 min of footage per clip)
  • Microphone: Lavalier mics (clip-on). Please record sound through en external microphone (we use music in the introduction videos and recording the sound separately helps the overall sound quality of the video)
  • Please share footage through Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar service (don’t send footage as attachment through text/email as this compresses the quality)


Please find an overview of our activities below

Artist Instagram Takeover
We welcome you to takeover our official UFC Ultimate Sound Instagram, a special opportunity to introduce yourself to our followers. Give our audience a unique glimpse into your day.
Artist Q&A
Give our followers the chance to get to know you better through a Q&A on our Instagram! Our followers will get the chance to submit questions for you to answer.
Run a competition in your social channels where you encourage people to download the app through your unique link. Suggested competition prizes: concert tickets, Meet & Greet tickets, a digital concert etc.
Beat Breakdown
Dive into a song that has been used in a UFC promo, as a fighter walkout song or in other UFC settings and break it down for the UFC fans.
The Music That Made: Artist Mix Series
Our “The Music That Made” mix series is a playlist concept that consists of music from artists, producers and songwriters that have influenced your creation process and taste in music.
Behind the scenes content
Give users a unique glimpse into the recording process of your new album or let them tag along on tour through a tour diary.


1. Add your unique link to your bio on Instagram. When posting to Facebook, include your unique link in the caption.


2. Always tag us!

Instagram: @ufcultsound
Facebook: @ufcultimatesound


3. When using Instagram Stories, always use your unique link for swipe ups.



4. Write a caption that feels authentic to you, highlight your excitement to join the UFC Ultimate Sound family.


5. Include this text at the end:

The power of music, the world of UFC, now in one place!! Download the UFC Ultimate Sound app today and get a 30-day free subscription. Link in BIO @ufcultsound

UFC Ultimate Sound – a high-quality music and media app

UFC Ultimate Sound is currently available in the US through download from App Store and Google Play Store. The app offers users a 30-day free subscription upon download. Subscription price: USD 5.99.


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Unlock your inner fighter with exclusive music mixes tailored to your workout and lifestyle. Connect with UFC fighters and UFC through music and unique content.


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With UFC Ultimate Sound, you’ll have the combined explosive power of music and UFC at your fingertips.