Sep 9, 2020
Award-winning producer and artist Tommee Profitt’s music now available at UFC Ultimate Sound
As UFC Ultimate Sound grows, so too does the music library. We´re super excited to welcome the artist and producer Tommee Profitt and his music into our professionally curated mixes. Profitt’s passion for epic and cinematic music elevates any workout and occasion, which makes him a perfect match for UFC Ultimate Sound.

Tommee has always had a huge passion for music and started making instrumental albums in his parents basement already at age 9. Now 26 years later his music has had a major inpact in film and TV and many of his tracks are found within the world of UFC. On top of scoring the EA Sports UFC 2, you´ll find his music on numerous UFC Promos, played on Live Events and now also within UFC Ultimate Sound!

Tommee has the impressive amount of 1 billion streams worldwide. He also holds a 15x platinum on NFs “Let You Down” and just released his very own debut single “Faking Love” with great reception. We´re exited and super happy to welcoming this global artist onboard and to give you an unique insight on his everyday life when creating the sound of UFC.


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