Nov 9, 2021
Christos “The Spartan” Giagos joins UFC Ultimate Sound!

We are happy to announce the arrival of lightweight Christos Giagos. His personally selected mixes aided his journey, playing a part in reaching such heights and competing against some of the highest caliber UFC Athletes on the planet. There is a contrast between the country and rap, but a great balance that makes for an interesting playlist for your warm-up, workout, or party time.

Growing up, both Giagos’s parents worked a lot, but Country music gave him hope and showed him that happiness does exist. It was a big part of what shaped his dream of the life he wanted to create, and the life he finds himself living today.

While Giagos chooses not to listen to music backstage when he is getting ready to compete, he does have soothing soft country playing to relax his mind while he is going through the grueling weight-cutting process. The mixes keep him in the right mindset to overcome all obstacles. Experience the personal soundtrack of Giagos, with artists such as Zac Brown Band, Ozzy Osbourne, Ed Sheeran, and Keith Urban.

Visit the app and check out his profile today!  

Photo: Mike Roach / UFC / Getty Images, iStock.com / MiroNovak








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