Follow Jack ”The Joker” Hermansson on his way to the Octagon

UFC Ultimate Sound proudly presents the first season of our original series, Sound of Preparation. This first season features Jack “The Joker” Hermansson as he prepares to make the walk to the Octagon to take on Marvin Vettori at UFC Vegas 16.

The dedication and focus required to endure the daily rigors of being a UFC athlete is hard enough. But it’s the grueling mental preparation that’s the toughest and most essential battle to achieving optimal performance in the Octagon.  

All UFC athletes have different methods for entering the right frame of mind for training and competition. All follow their different daily routines, but the most common aspect amongst all of their regimes is music. Whether it be for the warm-up, workout, standing behind the curtain waiting to compete, or celebrating a big win. Music is an integral part of UFC athlete’s lives and plays a vital role in their training.

Sound of Preparation highlights that vital role, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the process these UFC athletes go through to achieve a heightened state of focus through their mixes, shining a spotlight on the moments they are in the zone.  

The importance of Hermansson´s mixes to his training cannot be understated. The highs and lows experienced throughout fight preparation are not for the faint of heart. There are days when you feel like a world champion and days riddled with thoughts of self-doubt. Anxiety and nervousness of the anticipation of fight week coupled with dealing with being in pain and injuries is a unique and difficult experience to live through. Hard work has to commence regardless of the mood or physical state, and as Hermansson puts it, his mixes are not just for maintaining the frame of mind necessary to remain consistent with training. They are strategically used in an effort to bring out the best of himself.

“Music is important to my training in many ways. It can give me that extra fuel I need on a tough day before you go to the gym. Music has an amazing power to control my emotions and my mood, and I know that so I use it as a tool.”

Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson and Jay-Z to heavy metal, Beethoven, and everything between. Hermansson’s mixes are quite diverse. His taste in music reveals parts of the character unseen until now. Including the revelation of his days as a teenager when he was a regular on the local punk scene.

“When I was in my teens I listened to a lot of punk music, and I was attending a lot of small local concerts with local or national talent,” says Hermansson. “It was a really cool period of my life that I have great memories from.”

Walk in the footsteps of Hermansson as he makes the journey from Oslo to Las Vegas with his coaches Moshen and Eduardo. Experience the comradery between the team as they embark on an expedition to competition. Such as the agony experienced by Hermansson forgetting to take his headphones for the long international flight, and the hard time his coaches gave him because of it. As well as coach Moshens disorientation from the jet lag, and having to fit in study for his criminology exam in between travel and training sessions.

From the moment Hermansson signed on the dotted line and the journey to fight day. Sound of Preparation puts you inside the psyche of UFC athletes like fans have never experienced before.

Image: istock.com/Goodboy Picture Company

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