Jan 28, 2021
Go behind the scenes with our exclusive series Beat Breakdown

To kickstart the new year it’s our great pleasure to announce that UFC Ultimate Sound is releasing its first exclusive video series, Beat Breakdown to further connect UFC athletes with the fans.

Beat Breakdown takes you behind the scenes of UFC Ultimate Sound and gives you an inside look on how our professionally curated mixes come to life.

The series takes you on a musical journey and show you all the great aspects of UFC Ultimate Sound and its rich universe of mixes. You´ll learn how the team approaches the creation of a new mix. You’ll also get in-depth insight into different rhythms, genres and beats per minute (BPM) that all play an essential role when creating the perfect mix for a specific state of mind and activity.

In addition, Beat Breakdown invites UFC athletes and UFC-related artists to get onair with the host on a regular basis. You’ll get to experience UFC through the lens of music, as well as learning about the athlete’s personal taste in music, favorite walkout songs, how they leverage music to get octagon-ready and more! 

Beat Breakdown was released on the UFC Ultimate Sound app Wednesday January 27th with its pilot episode. New episodes released bi-weekly.

Photo: iStock.com / Method3

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