Jul 9, 2021
Max Griffin & Darren Elkins teams up with UFC Ultimate Sound

UFC Ultimate sound is proud to announce the release of the mixes of two veteran UFC fighters, Darren Elkins and Max Griffin. Both fight out of Sacramento, CA and are known for their exciting style, as well as being the epitome of true California style and living. The loose and lighthearted atmosphere has been a staple of Sacramento throughout the years.

The mixes of Griffin and Elkins embody that spirit and offer whatever you need to set the mood no matter what the circumstance is. While the two have a lot of similarities in terms of style in the Octagon, there is quite a contrast in their taste in music.  

You’ll get a lot more of the hip-hop from Griffin, from the old to the new. While Elkins is bringing you varying styles of Rock and even a little bit of Country. Whether you’re needing to get in the right frame of mind for a workout or in preparation for a night out on the town. These two California based fighters bring you the perfect mixes to suit your needs through UFC Ultimate Sound. 

Photo: Mike Roach / UFC / Getty Images

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