Jun 5, 2021
New athletes available in the app

UFC Ultimate Sound is proud to announce the release of 12 new mixes from Julian Marquez, Ashley Yoder, Alex Perez, and Adrian Yanez. Each UFC athlete is bringing fans their 3 different types of mixes that are used for their warm-up, workout, and for when they just want to relax or let loose and party. Check out their profiles that are now live on the app, and get a glimpse into the psyche and how their mental state is influenced day to day. 

Julian Marquez has had an awesome year so far, and music is a big proponent of his everyday life. There is a wide array of hip-hop music from the old school to the new school, and some pop music to keep the mood light. Like in his fights, you can never count him out. His mixes are sure to motivate fans to move forward no matter what circumstances are thrown their way.

Fans will find that Ashley Yoder’s fighting spirit translates directly into the choices she makes for selecting her mixes. Citing music as being the engine that keeps pushing her forward on the toughest days, there’s no shortage of inspiration on her playlists. The high energy of output she has in the Octagon is very reminiscent of the type of music that occupies her earbuds.

One thing you can count on with UFC Ultimate sound is the uncovering of unexpected character traits of UFC athletes through their song selection. Alex Perez’s mixes reveal that he is a big fan of country music. Something that may come as a bit of a surprise to fans, the contrast between Yanez’s aggressive approach in competition and the twangy country music he listens to in his off time is certainly interesting.     

 Adrian Yanez has certainly made an impact since joining UFC, his ferocious style has left a good first impression on the fanbase. Now that he has joined UFC Ultimate Sound, fans can see firsthand the role that lyrical/conscious rap plays in his everyday life and his training. Yanez finds parallels between his favorite artist’s goals and his goals as a professional athlete. Focusing on the lyrics gives Perez a constant reminder to chase dreams and break down barriers.

 Enjoy the addition of these 4 great UFC athletes, and be sure to keep an eye out for other athletes’ mixes that are soon to come to UFC Ultimate Sound.

Photo: Mike Roach / UFC / Getty Images

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