Aug 20, 2021
Powerhouses Eryk Anders, Drew Dober & Khaos Williams available now!

We are happy to share with you the addition of Khaos Williams, Drew Dober and Eryk Anders to UFC Ultimate Sound. The pair have shared their personal mixes to help motivate you on your way to success. Listen to what type of music that pushes Khaos & Drew in their chase for glory. Whatever type of day you have planned; their music will get you there.

Khaos Williams likes to work out with Nipsey Hustle, Jay Z, and Meek Mill. While he is certainly self-motivated, his mixes provide him with an extra boost that allows him to push himself harder.

Dober derives positive energy and establishes the rhythm for his training with his mixes. Always looking to set a positive vibe, a lot of Dobers mixes consist of Hip Hop and Dance music featuring artists like Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown. 

Anders likes to use his mixes for his training as a means to intensify the mood and keep the energy in the training room high. While he likes all types of different music, Rap is his primary choice and artists like Kendrick Lamar and ASAP Rocky are predominantly featured.    

Enjoy the addition of these three seasoned UFC athletes and gain a new perspective of them through experiencing their soundtracks.  Whether you’re warming-up, training or looking to let loose and relax, UFC Ultimate Sound brings you a new point of view on these fighters unlike anything seen before through their personally selected mixes.

Photo: Mike Roach / UFC / Getty Images

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