May 26, 2021
The Schmo is here!

UFC Ultimate Sound is happy to announce that The Schmo has joined as the exclusive MMA-music journalist to present the new series “Flow with the Schmo”. Schmo’s approach to interviews coupled with the rapport he has with the UFC athletes is tailor-made for the exploration and highlighting of the vital role music plays in UFC athletes’ lives. 

The Schmo will be getting to the  root of these athlete’s music preferences and exploring the importance of music in their training, recovery, walkouts and everyday life.  Fans will now have access to all aspects of the music in these athlete’s  lives and careers. From finding out why they choose which song they walk out to, to the guilty pleasures they enjoy outside of training. Whatever details there are to be found out, The Schmo will get to the bottom of it. 

Diving into how music effects these athletes’ lives will reveal things about them that show UFC athletes in a way unlike fans have seen before. The integral aspect of the role music plays  in UFC athletes’ lives has been un-tapped  until now. But now that The Schmo is on the case, there are lots of surprises and revelations abound. Whether it’s Las Vegas, Nevada or UFC Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. Wherever the big events and the big stars are, you can count on The Schmo having boots on the ground to bring fans the scoop through UFC Ultimate Sound.

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