Top 5 Reasons why UFC Ultimate Sound is the perfect workout partner

The Physical and mental toughness it takes to participate in MMA at the professional level is remarkable. But the physical and mental toughness required to compete at the UFC level is unparalleled.

So, when it comes time to prepare for the battles you have in your life, what better mixes are there to have in your earbuds than the same mixes top UFC Athletes use. UFC Ultimate Sound is the best way to start your engine to get fired up for the task. There are many good reasons to get on board with UFC Ultimate Sound, and here are 5 of them.

1. Music is scientifically proven to increase motivation

Even the highest caliber championship level fighters have their days where they don’t want to make that walk to the gym. Maintaining motivation with all the factors in everyday life can be a struggle. Overcoming these hurdles is not just important to get to the workout but is important to make sure you’re getting the best quality of workout you can get.

It’s scientifically proven that listening to music while working out directly affects your level of motivation. It raises overall spirits, regulates mood, increases the work output, and induces states of high functionality. Thus, ensuring the best quality workout to fully utilize your time in the gym.

2. Form a new connection with your favorite UFC Fighter

UFC Athletes are some of the most admirable people in the world. The fortitude they possess is truly something to behold, it’s the UFC Athlete’s world-class ability that’s the reason for MMA’s meteoric rise in popularity globally. With UFC Ultimate Sound, you get access to your favorite fighters personally curated mixes they use for their preparation to enter the Octagon.

When you press play on the mixes that are customized by your favorite fighter, it gives you insight into them in a whole new way. Knowing the very music you’re listening to is the same music by your favorite fighter brings you closer to them and gives a different perspective on them unlike anything experienced before. The mixes reveal a lot about the fighter’s character, make you feel closer to them, and will have you envision them pushing through their workouts right alongside you.

3. Scientifically proven to improve performance, endurance, and intensity

The right music at the right time can do incredible things, and the incredible things it produces isn’t the placebo effect, but scientifically linked to your physicality. Working out in synchrony with music has proven to produce faster running times and longer endurance. Locking into the beat and letting the music drive you allows you to exercise at higher intensities, giving you a more beneficial workout, which will directly impact your physical and mental health in both the short term and long term.

4. All mixes are professionally curated

Another benefit of the UFC Ultimate Sound is that all mixes are professionally curated. Having a specific purpose behind the arrangements of the Athlete’s playlists fully optimizes the user’s experience. The UFC athletes and The UFC Ultimate Sounds professional curators have worked together to deliver the right vibe, to bring fans closer than ever to their favorite UFC Athletes. Better allowing you to enter the right frame of mind, get lost in the process, and stay there until your workout is complete.

5. UFC Athletes deem music as one of their most essential tools

If you’re wondering what advantages there are to getting inside the fighters headset, look no further than the testimonial of some of the top talents on the roster, including UFC Champion’s Aljamain Sterling and Rose Namajunas.

 “Music for my training is everything. It sets the tempo and vibe. It can also help give me an extra push and provide extra motivation on the days where I’m not feeling at my peak.”
-Aljamain Sterling 

 “Music is very effective in producing a certain mood and creativity in training as long as it does not become a crutch. Sometimes I will use a song to practice a move to a beat similar to when a musician uses a metronome to perfect a song they are playing”
-Rose Namajunas

“Music is very important to my training. When I’m in camp, I have specific playlists that are all diverse, that are specified for certain types of practices. I use the different genres to draw different emotions and energy out of me.”
-Michael Chiesa 

 “Music is integral to my workouts. When I’m doing a long run I like something mellow. When I’m doing higher intensity sprints or pads I like to switch it out to something more intense. The right song helps me push that little extra when I’m exhausted.”
-Angela Hill

The benefits of using the music of UFC Athletes in your training and exercise will have immense benefits. Not only will you reap those benefits, but you’ll also be connecting to your favorite UFC Athletes on a whole new level. 

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