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Tucker finds inspiration from the traditional music of his homeland

Every UFC Athlete has a genre of music that speaks to them louder than other types, for Gavin Tucker, it’s Newfoundland Celtic music that resonates with him the most. Hailing from Ship Cove, Newfoundland, the always exciting Featherweight epitomizes the spirit of the traditional music of his homeland with his performances inside the Octagon.

Tucker has a diverse taste in music. Having a background as a musician himself, he understands the essence of the art, and utilizes it as a tool to power through the rigors of life as a UFC Athlete. Tucker uses his playlists as a cue to align his mindset, which allows him to get in the right place psychologically both on fight week, and fight night itself.

The power of music has a great level of importance in getting him into the Octagon, but it goes beyond that. Tucker tells UFC Ultimate Sound that music has helped him with every major heartache he has ever had. From romantic splits, to death.
“A lot of what can’t seem to be explained emotionally or communicated verbally, on a deep enough impact for words, becomes song and poem.”

Music has a profound effect on his career , his playlists are a driving force in his everyday life. For Tucker, major times were seen through great albums, “Blood on the Tracks” by Bob Dylan being one of them.

“I think the music that accompanies life is almost opposite (in most cases) to the music that accompanies sport and athletics. As an athlete, the values are different from what we are as people . Finding songs that blend the lines between both are usually ones that have the most lasting impact.”

Transport yourself into the psyche of one of the most thoughtful fighters in UFC by implementing his playlists into your daily shuffle.

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