Jul 9, 2021
UFC Ultimate Sound Live Session at the UFC Fan Experience

UFC Ultimate Sound is coming to the UFC Fan Experience outside Toshiba Plaza on July 9th to get you hyped up for UFC 264. Keep an eye out for our brand ambassadors and  of the exclusive offer to gain access to the app that is giving UFC fans a brand new perspective of UFC athletes like never experienced before. Our ambassadors will be on the move offering a giveaway and a chance to win 2 tickets for the official UFC viewing party at MGM Grand Arena on July 10th. 

Get acquainted with the fresh new perspective through the app that provides the personally selected mixes from UFC athletes. Whether it be for their warm-ups, workouts, or for when it comes time to party. You can now enjoy a brand-new connection to UFC athletes through the music that takes them through their everyday life. DJ “trentino” will be on location making sure the beats are banging and the vibe is on point, and UFC Ultimate Sound will be setting the mood right with a DJ on the main stage throughout the Fan Experience as well. 

Test your might with the UFC Striking Challenge and find out firsthand how much power you and your friends are packing. Take the opportunity to step into the UFC Champion Tunnel to capture an instantly sharable video of yourself with a championship-level backdrop. Or take the opportunity to get up close and personal with the UFC Championship title belt which will be on display and ready for you to get up close and personal with.

UFC Ultimate Sound is excited to be on location for UFC 264 to connect with fans and enhance the UFC experience through the power of music.   

Photo: iStock.com / Alex_Bond (modified)

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