Dec 2, 2021
Up & coming Jalin “The Tarantula” Turners mixes available at UFC Ultimate Sound!

Jalin Turner likes to get in the right mindset to compete with artists like J Cole or Mozzy, but it’s not just in the warm-ups and the workouts where Turner uses his mixes. Turner finds that music in all areas of his life makes his day go so much better. Having to do a lot of driving to get his training in, he’s making sure he always has his mixes nearby to keep his atmosphere pleasant.

He is so devoted to his mixes that he even spars with his headphones in. Turner is the type of UFC athlete that doesn’t just have music playing in the background, he likes to focus and zone into whatever artist or album he is listening to. Looking to fully embrace the music and maximize what he’s getting out of it.

Zone into Turner’s mixes the same way he does to achieve an optimal state of mind. Get lost in the mixes personally selected by Turner and right into the zone the same way as the ultra-dangerous up and comer does.

Visit the app and check out his profile today!

Photo: Mike Roach / UFC / Getty Images, iStock.com / MiroNovak








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