These mixes powered Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker to the top

When Whittaker is training, his playlists are made up of artists like Rise Against, ACDC, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. In the mornings when his wife and kids are getting up, artists like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber set the mood for the day ahead. When it’s time for “The Reaper” to just chill out, it’s You Me At Six, All Time Low, and Mayday Parade that are in the earbuds of the former Middleweight Champion.

Whittaker isn’t overly particular about the type of music he listens to, whatever makes him feel good at the time is what you’ll hear him bumping in his car, or when in the training room. However, when it comes to the music he walks out to when it comes time to go to battle, the former champ avails of  “Can’t be touched” by Roy Jones. 

There were a couple of occasions when he tried something different and changed his walk-out music. But whenever the new tune hit the speakers, Whittaker instantly regretted his decision to switch it up. 

Music his dad played growing up has stuck with him, and it’s music that you’ll find on his playlists to this day. Bands like Chuckberry, Eric Clapton, and ACDC bring him back to his childhood in the days he was growing up. 

Fans may also be surprised to learn that Whittaker is a fan of Japanese Pop music. You can learn so much about an individual by knowing what type of music they listen to in every facet of their life. Now you can get to know one of the most revered competitors on the roster, by plugging in your headphones and experiencing the soundtrack of the life of this UFC staple.

Photo: Jeff Bottari/UFC/Getty Images

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