Why everyone should listen to athlete curated mixes

The importance of music to UFC Athletes’ careers cannot be understated. When engaging in the single most difficult athletic endeavor on the planet, achieving optimal performance day in and day out is essential.

Since the beginning of time, ancient cultures combined sounds in ways that influence and connect with the human mind and physiology. Music has always touched us in a visceral way, the same way fighting does. So, it’s no wonder the two go hand in hand.

A lot goes into the preparation for battle. Blood, sweat, tears, and immense hardship are par for the course. In this game, every fighter needs to avail every tool they have to put in the work that’s necessary in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Every fighter is unique, and their approach to preparation differs, but there is one universal tool that plays a part in every fighter’s camp, and that tool is music.

With UFC Ultimate Sound, fans can now gain access to their favorite fighters’ customized mixes that is their soundtrack for their everyday life on their paths to glory.

Listening to mixes while training is empowering. It enables you to push beyond your boundaries and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It will drive you to go beyond any limiting beliefs you have about what’s physically possible.

The interaction between music and training directly affects the cognitive function of the athlete and impacts the actions and motivation. It’s been scientifically proven that endurance can be extended, and one can exercise at higher intensities when moving with the rhythm of the beat. Music has an innate ability to lock you into that right frame of mind, and connect the mind and body to the task at hand.

So, when you are looking to do your workout to achieve your victory, what better mixes are there to listen to than the music curated by UFC athletes? With UFC Ultimate Sound, you will feed off the energy and derive inspiration from the same mixes that fuel your favorite fighters.

Not only will UFC Ultimate sound be the coach in your corner, but it’ll also afford you a whole new perspective on your favorite fighters unlike anything fans have experienced before. The mixes UFC Athletes curate reveal a lot about their character and will connect you to them in a whole new way. When working out to the same music your favorite fighter is working out to, it puts you in their shoes. In your mind, you’ll feel like you’re working out right alongside them.

Music raises spirits, regulates mood, increases work output, and induces states of higher functionality. It’s crucial to bring out the best in yourself. Listening to the athlete curated mixes will have you envision your favorite UFC athlete working out the same the way that you are. Getting into music is getting into the mindset of the most talented and toughest athletes in the world, putting you on a path to glory.

Connecting with these mixes isn’t just for the highs, it is to power you through the lows as well. Even the elite fighters have days where they don’t want to make that walk through the gym doors. When you find your desire and motivation is wilting, it’s at this time that these mixes are more important than ever. Press play and shift your mindset.

Because it’s all about getting back up once you’re knocked down. You must overcome obstacles in life and put in the work no matter what the circumstances are.

Music is the support we all need in our lives to push through the struggles and to accentuate our victories.

When dealing with a sport that every inch and every last rep can be the difference between the highest glory imaginable, or the dire physical consequences. It’s important to make sure you don’t miss out on a single beat or rep.

When you have the personally customized music of UFC athletes at your disposal, you’re armed with all the motivation you need. All that’s left for you to do is to press play and go.

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